Case-Mate Eco Tough Case

Environmentally Friendly iPhone Clear Cases 

Is reducing your carbon footprint a goal for you? Help out our environment as well as looking after your iPhone with the Case-Mate E94 case.  The Eco Tough Case is Eco-friendly while still managing to give excellent drop protection for iPhones. 

This is a case for nature and comes from Case-Mate in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy. Case-Mate bring the Eco94 Tough environmentally friendly case to us.

The Eco-Clear, E94 case, is made from a plant-based bioplastic. Bioplastics are amde from from renewable resources, such as in this instance, plants. Bioplastics reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the production process and reduce the overall carbon footprint of this case.

And realising that having plastic packaging for an eco-friendly case would be an injustice Case-Mate have not used plastic for the packaging, they have wisely chosen to have environmentally conscious materials to package the environmentally friendly case in.  The packaging is made from 100% recycled paper.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this case is only good for the environment and not so good at defending an iPhone. The E94 is a tough case that provides 10FT Drop Protection that just happens to be recyclable after use. This case is environmentally conscious eco-friendly and tough. 

The Eco-clear case is made for a few different iPhone models such as the iPhone 11 (the iPhone 11 version will also fits the iPhone XR), the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

This is a case you need to look at if you have one of the above iPhone models. You are most welcome to visit us at Brisbane Riverside iPhone Cases to see and buy one of the eco-friendly cases or other iPhone cases. 

E94 Case

  • Constructed from sustainable (plant-based) bioplastics
  • Environmentally conscious and eco-friendly
  • 10 FT drop protection
  • One-piece seamless design 
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Recyclable after use

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